The Gifted Music School's distinguished faculty and guest artists include renowned soloists, pedagogues, chamber, and orchestral musicians. Our teachers specialize in teaching, nurturing, and growing music interest in toddlers all the way up to young professionals. A growing part of our program also focuses on continued training for professional musicians, teachers, and adults.  

Gifted Music School students can be found at all the nation's top music schools, including the Juilliard School, the Curtis Institute, Colburn School, New England Conservatory, San Francisco Conservatory, and others. Additionally, they have been recognized at national and international competitions and featured on NPR's "From the Top."  Locally, students from the Gifted Music School are dominant in all top local competitions and heard regularly with the Utah Symphony.


  • Dr. Vera Oussetskaia Watanabe, Piano Department Head
  • Dr. Koji Atwood
  • Ksenia Ilynich


  • Eugene Watanabe, String Department Head
  • Dr. Jakob Hofer
  • Rachel Karr
  • Rebecca Moench


  • Elizabeth Beilman
  • Megan Mason
  • Dr. LeeAnn Morgan


  • Rainer Eudeikis
  • Britany Platt Gardner
  • Kelly McConkie Stewart
  • Pegsoon Whang

Double Bass

  • David Yavornitzky


  • April Clayton, Flute, Woodwind Department Head
  • Dr. Jennifer Rhodes, Bassoon
  • Erin Svoboda, Clarinet
  • Nicole Elkins, Flute

Music Theory

  • David Yavornitzky
  • Ksenia Ilinykh
  • Emilie Gardner-Lundberg

Chamber Music 

  • LeeAnn Morgan, Viola, Department Head
  • Dr. Koji Atwood, Piano
  • Dr. Vera Oussetskaia Watanabe, Piano
  • Eugene Watanabe, Violin
  • Dr. Jakob Hofer, Violin
  • Megan Mason, Viola
  • Rainer Eudeikis, Cello
  • Kelly McConkie Stewart, Cello
  • David Yavornitzky, Double Bass