Responsibilities of the Student

Students are expected to maintain the highest standards in preparation, dedication, attitude, and punctuality for classes and rehearsals. Prior to all school concerts, students will be required to pass off their repertoire with faculty. Students not meeting the standard will not perform. For all rehearsals and sectionals, students are expected to arrive 15 minutes early to set up and tune. 

Attendance Policy

Only 1 unexcused absence from Saturday classes is allowed per semester. Students with more than 1 unexcused absence will be placed on probation, may not be able to participate in upcoming school concerts, and must re-audition for GMS next year. Students who participate in the chamber program are also allowed 1 unexcused absence from rehearsals. Students with more than 1 unexcused absence from chamber rehearsal will forfeit their place in their chamber group.

Excused absences are: serious music-related events (performance, competition, audition, etc.), emergencies, illness, or inclement weather. A performance or rehearsal for a regular school event (school concert, musical, etc.) does not apply. The artistic director will make the final decision on what constitutes a serious music-related event. To be considered as an excused absence, Ms. Bell must receive and approve of the absence at least three weeks prior to the missed event, or within 24 hours if the absence is due to unexpected circumstances.

Community outreach concerts are the most important thing students do as members of this orchestra. It is essential that all students perform in every concert unless specifically excused by the administration. If a student misses a concert, he/she will be placed on probation, and may be asked to leave the program for multiple occurrences. The student must re-audition to be accepted back into the program the next year.

Student Safety

The building will be supervised during classes. The only people allowed into the building during class hours will be students and their parents or guardians, and GMS faculty and staff. Other guests must be approved by the manager or directors prior to their visit. No students will be allowed out of the building during class hours, except during breaks or unless there is a parent or guardian who has come to check the student out. During breaks, the building monitor will be required to accompany students outside the building.

Communications with the School

Most of the communications will be done through email. Please make sure the school has your most active email account. If you would like your child (the student) to also receive a copy of all communications, please make sure we receive that request with their email.