Early Childhood Program

This program has been developed especially for children younger than 7 years old.


  • Music Preschool. Ms. Emilie Lundberg, Saturday 9:00-9:35 am - 15 weeks, $145
    For children ages 3-4. A perfect beginning class to introduce your preschooler to classical music! Students will discover the joy of music through a variety of means including singing, playing music makers and purposeful movement. Register now
  • Music Essentials I. Ms. Emilie Lundberg, Saturday 9:40-10:20 am - 15 Weeks, $170
    For children ages 4-6 years old.Building on the skills learned in Music Preschool, students in the Music Essentials I class learn to match pitch, sight-sing simple songs, keep the beat and read rhythms. In addition, this class helps children learn to love classical music and the composers in a child-centered way. This class is a perfect way to enhance private lessons and is a fantastic introduction to music enjoyment for children. Register now
  • Music Essentials II. Ms. Emilie Lundberg, Saturday 10:25-11:20 am - 15 Weeks, $230
    For children 5+ years old. In the Music Essentials II class, students learn how to read complicated rhythms through experiencing them in children's games. They learn how to derive both rhythm and melody from songs through play. The students in this class learn how to sight-sing using solfége. Students also learn about classical pieces and their composers in a fun, child-friendly way. This class is the natural progression after the Music Essentials I class. Register now