Volunteers Needed

Volunteers make our world go around! Do you have any of the below listed skills? 

  • Performance ushers
  • Clean up Crew
  • Saturday Student Lunch
  • Social Media (follow us, share our posts, like and comment on what you see!)
  • Parent Commitee members ( working with Tonya M. to ensure parents are engaged and helping students succeed)
  • Writing letters of support for the school to use in grant writing (how music has changed your child, why you chose GMS, and why music education matters to you)
  • Parent Support team (help a new music parent get used to having a studnet who studies music with tips, tricks, and moral support)
  • Administrative help (answering phone calls, answering questions, calling venues about performance dates, building monitoring, writing thank you letters)
  • Playlist suggestions (which performances does your family like, what artist inspires your young musician?)
  • Photography (including digital touch ups)
  • Blog Writing (following blog schedule, creating original content, publishing ideas)
  • Videography (including storyboarding, production, and editing)
  • Website content creation (including original writing and editing)
  • Graphic design (branding, posters, fliers, postcards, campaign literature)
  • Marketing (including branding, campign strategy, ideas to increase reach)


We appreciate every minute of time you give to our students at the Gifted Music School. We guarantee the times spent with these hard-working students will brighten your day.

Please contact us for more information regarding volunteering at Gifted Music School.

Safety of our students is our top priority. Volunteer assignments will be given after a passing background check and an orientation/ training program. Thank you for your understanding!